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Smart Work is a company that provides services in a very wide range of tasks related to temporary work, reworking and outsourcing. Thanks to offices in 20 countries around the world, we are able to implement even the most complex tasks from our clients. We do practically all the work that supports the core business of our clients.
Smart Work Usługi

Process outsourcing

opieka medyczna

Process outsourcing is a service in which Smart Work takes responsibility for the proper operation of a separate part of the client's production process. Supervision may be exercised, for example, on the management of production processes, quality control, order picking, packaging or loading.


specialised staff guaranteeing high quality of production.

Benefits of cooperation with Smart Work

  • possibility of implementing any project, even the most demanding and long-term one,
  • significant reduction of employment costs,
  • employment optimization,
  • access to new human resources,
  • access to specialised staff for various positions,
  • improvement of individual departments and processes.
opieka medyczna

Examples of workplaces

operator CNC

CNC machine operator

furniture and carpentry
spawacz MIG/MAG

Welder (MIG, MAG)

pracownik cynkowni

Zinc-house worker



Home appliances/automotive

Temporary work

Pursuant to the Act on hiring temporary employees, temporary work means performing tasks for a given employer - for a period no longer than the time specified in the Act, where these tasks are:

  • seasonal, periodic, ad-hoc,
  • their timely implementation by the employer’s staff would not be possible,
  • their performance is the responsibility of an absent employee of the employer that is the user.


This solution is increasingly used upon periodic need to increase the number of employees or longer absences of full-time employees.
Temporary work makes it possible to reduce employment costs. Clients who decide on such a form of cooperation have the opportunity to recruit staff adjusted to the current needs of their company, guaranteeing the continuous stability of their business.

What are the benefits of temporary work services?

  • constant supply of trained employees,
  • reduction of employment costs,
  • no obligation to deal with the recruitment process and employee documentation,
  • ability to adjust the number and type of employees to the current needs of the company,
  • maintaining business continuity.

Examples of work positions



spawacz MIG/MAG

Production worker

Metal industries
Kontroler Jakości

Quality controller



SMART WORK provides comprehensive services in the field of segregation, modification, repair and quality control of products. This service guarantees the receipt of products with specified quality parameters without the need to involve own industrial, capital and human resources.
Operator CNC

Benefits of REWORKING

  • reduction of costs related to employment and maintenance of permanent staff of specialists at the workplace,
  • reduction of warehouse and production space,
  • providing the Client with products that meet the specified quality requirements,
  • high flexibility of processes,
  • short terms and 24/7 support,
  • own transport of the supplier.

Recruitment processes

SMART WORK conducts a comprehensive recruitment and selection process - starting from searching for candidates, conducting interviews and verifying skills, to contract signing. Thanks to our extensive database of candidates, we search for qualified employees who meet the requirements in terms of skills and predispositions for a given position. SMART WORK is a permanent source of unskilled workers as well as specialists in many fields.

Work in USA

Smart Work offers the employment of category C and E drivers in the United States. We guarantee support in the qualification process as well as in obtaining a visa that gives you the possibility of legal stay and employment in the USA - for employees and their families. We offer permanent work for a period of 3 years.



Candidate for a driver bears the costs of the recruitment process, including the documents necessary to obtain the Green Card, certificates, translations, visas, etc. The entire recruitment process lasts from 12 to 18 months

The first step is to fill-in and provide the necessary documents sent by Smart Work. One of the requirements for submitting the application is the creation of video material in which the candidate speaks in English about himself and his professional experience and motivations for working in the United States.

Selected candidates receive job offers with a detailed description and go to the second stage. The next step is undergoing medical examinations required in the USA. Then the documents are sent to the US Immigration Service - a positive decision is ended with a meeting at the USA consulate. After receiving the Green Card, you must purchase an airplane ticket and go to the United States. This should be done within 4 weeks of receiving the visa.

Offer details

  • Smart Work is responsible for the accommodation of employees in the USA and helps employees to obtain an insurance policy and set up a bank account.
  • After completing the formalities, CDL training begins, the completion and licensing of which is necessary in the United States to drive cars of the C + E category. The training takes about 3-4 weeks.
  • After obtaining the license, the candidate starts work as a driver.
  • On average, the driver travels 2000-3000 miles per week. Employers additionally settle with drivers for accommodation or economical use of fuel. Cars are equipped with monitoring systems.

Home Care

Smart Work Group is constantly expanding its range of services, striving to provide comprehensive solutions to the needs of even the most demanding clients.

opieka medyczna

Smart Work provides professional and qualified care for elderly and ill people.

Our specialists have many years of experience, qualifications and skills that allow them to work with people who require proper care and involvement in their daily functioning.


Thanks to individual schedules and conditions of cooperation, our specialists can perform various tasks without the need of permanent accommodation at the client's. The service itself is currently provided in the Lower Silesia Voivodship.

Home care and assistance includes, among others:


  • help in the household, i.e. shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing,
  • nursing care,
  • help in maintaining hygiene and care,
  • organisation of free time, walking, reading.
opieka medyczna

The care offered by Smart Work is also an excellent alternative for care centres.

Business services

To ensure the business continuity of our Business Partners, we provide a range of services such as:

Logistics and warehouse services

  • packaging,
  • sorting,
  • packing,
  • preparation for shipping,
  • wrapping,
  • foiling,
  • labelling,
  • manual works,
  • loading and transport.

Cleaning services

  • cleaning of facilities
  • maintenance of external areas,

HR and accounting services

  • calculating wages and benefits,
  • working time records,
  • keeping employee documentation.

Real estate service

  • Brokerage and rental of apartments,
  • Organisation and adaptation of rooms.


  • providing packaging materials,
  • disassembly and assembly of furniture,
  • packing and loading,
  • securing and transport,
  • warehousing,
  • cleaning and utilization using own materials.

Benefits of cooperation with Smart Work:

  • comprehensive services,
  • fast and professional execution of orders,
  • no need to maintain additional human resources,
  • opportunity to focus on the core business, entrusting tasks related to maintaining the business to our specialists.

Cleaning services

Smart Work provides a wide range of professional cleaning services related to maintaining cleanliness and protection of property. Our offer includes comprehensive cleaning of offices, storage areas, production halls and other large-area facilities. Our staff also deal with cleaning of outdoor areas.

Thanks to the Smart Work offer, the client can focus on his business, entrusting cleaning services to our specialists. Our flexible approach to the individual needs of our Partners means that we closely match the hours and schedule of the scope of work to the functioning and organisation of each facility entrusted to us.

Cleaning services provided by Smart Work include:

  • cleaning of offices and premises in companies and institutions,
  • cleaning of production halls, warehouses and industrial facilities,
  • cleaning of shopping centres and stores,
  • maintaining cleanliness in hotels and restaurants,
  • caring for and cleaning of outdoor and green areas,
  • mowing grass, pruning hedges, cutting trees and shrubs, ploughing,
  • cleaning up after construction works,
  • window cleaning.

Real property

Smart Work offers comprehensive services in the field of organisation and rental of residential properties.

We have our own, constantly growing base of properties for rent in the whole country. We also mediate in the rental of premises and houses. We also provide accommodation to employees residing in Poland.

Benefits of the Smart Work offer:

  • advice on the search for property - defining preferences and requirements, presenting tailored rental offers,
  • mediation in the rental of premises and homes for individuals and companies,
  • assistance in completing formalities such as preparing documents, checking the legal status or preparing and signing contracts,
  • guaranteed security of conducted transactions,
  • organisation and adaptation of flats,
  • providing premises to employees of other employment agencies and citizens of Ukraine staying in Poland.

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